Rohaizan 'Ejan' A Rahman, owner and founder of The Lab SG and Sinseh: The Grocery. Luke's wife.
Luqman 'Luke' Hakim, owner and founder of The Lab SG and Sinseh: The Grocery. Creator of the Heisenberg mocktail drink.

We Experiment was originally conceived in 2014, with the founding partners being Luqman “Luke” Hakim and Rohaizan “Ejan” A Rahman.

The husband and wife shared a dream of opening up a cafe, with the aim of breaking traditional boundaries and filling up gaps that other establishments did not provide. For example, there was a scarcity of cafes catering to the young and well-travelled Muslim community. They saw a huge potential in the demographic and felt the need to seize the opportunity before anyone else.


Ever since the beginning, it has always been about being different. Armed with substantial food and beverage experience, paired with their love for baking and cooking, they brainstormed on ideas to create new and interesting menu items. The constant drive to stray from the norm was what led to the company being named “We Experiment”.


Today, We Experiment Pte Ltd owns two subsidiary brands, namely, The Lab and Sinseh: The Grocery.


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