The signature mocktail of The Lab SG, 'Heisenberg'
The signature burger of The Lab SG, 'Heisenberger'. Contains 6 ounces of homemade beef patty.

Opened in November 2014, the cafe drew its inspiration from the television series, Breaking Bad. The interior of the cafe resembles that of a science laboratory with test tubes, prescription bottles, and droppers used as decor.


The cafe’s signature items, Heisenberg and Heisenberger is a tribute to the show’s main character.


Heisenberg is a citrus-based soda, served with a mysterious blue liquid in a syringe, enhancing the flavour of the drink further.


Heisenberger, on the other hand, is a burger which explores the different depths of one’s taste buds. In just one bite, one would be able to experience the savour from the bleu cheese aioli, sweetness from caramelised onions, the piquancy of our tomato coulis and the crunch from our crispy turkey bacon.


Be forewarned though, these items can be rather addictive!

The main logo for 'The Lab SG'
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